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How to reduce battery consumption in iOS 11

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In this post we will learn how to reduce battery consumption in iOS 11.

The biggest drawback of this version of iOS is its high battery consumption, which will be solved soon.

IOS 11

What are the reasons for high battery consumption in iOS 11?

Appearance changes are the main reason for the battery consumption in iOS11. For exp., by activating location mode, you can verify your position in the audience, which in itself shortens battery life. Similarly, the use of applications that consume a lot of power and battery (such as Telegram), can be one of the reasons for the high battery consumption.

Keep in mind that activating some of the options on their own will reduce your battery life, so we’ll show you how to deactivate them in the future.

Methods to reduce battery consumption in iOS 11

To reduce the battery consumption in IOS11 by reducing some features and capabilities.

This problem can be solved to some extent. To disable some of these features, please follow the path below:

  1. First go to “Settings” / “Privacy” / “Location Services”, and put your apps in “While Using” mode to disable the ability to check the location by the device.
  2. Go to “Settings” / “Battery” to find high-consumption apps from the list of apps to help extend your battery life by reducing your usage or deleting them.
  3. Go to “Settings” / “General” / “Display and brightness”, after which you can disable the “Raise to Wake” option.
  4. Follow this path Settings / General / Display & Brightness / Auto Lock and set this section to Minute 1.
  5. We recommend that you turn off your low-power applications so that they are not active in the background. To do this just follow the path below:

Settings/General/Background App Refresh.

  1. Try not to use a live wallpaper and replace it with a fixed wallpaper because live wallpaper usage high battery.
  2. It is better to turn off your unnecessary notifications this way:  Settings / Notifications so you will only get the necessary notifications.
  3. Another method is to use the “Settings / General / Accessibility” path to activate the “Reduce motion” option to create animation effects. Device type is less active.

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