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PUBG Free Outfits Season 18

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Get Free outfits for Pubg mobile season 18

PUBG FreeBunny Girl Set” Offer :-  In this post I will show you how to get this Set Free

Follow the steps below to get this :

  • You can get the PUBG Bunny Girl Set Free from Midasbuy.
  • This free set is valid for only 10 days on the PUBG mobile app.
  • After 10 days this Set will not showing in your PUBG mobile.
  • This is an exclusive offer from Midasbuy and may expire anytime.

  1.  First of all Go to Midasbuy website from Midasbuy Exclusive Registration Gift Page
  2.  Now, click the Register To Get Now button on the Midasbuy website.Midasbuy Offer
  3.  Then you will see the Midasbuy login and registration page.
  4.  On the registration page, click on the Register button or you can  choose Login with Facebook
  5.  Then confirm your Birthday, then accept the  terms and conditions.
  6.  After that click on Login
  7.  Then Enter the PUBG Player ID.
  8.  Then you will see the popup – follow Midasbuy on Facebook.
  9.  Now click on Facebook button and follow the page.
  10.  After that, you will see the obtained message on Midasbuy website as shown in the below image.bunny girl set
  11.  Now open the PUBG mobile app and click on the message icon on the bottom right in the Lobby.
  12.  After that you can see a message  in inbox Midasbuy’s Exclusive Registration Gift click on it to collect the Set.midasbuy gift
  13.  Now Go to the Inventory click on Bunny Girl Set, and apply the Set.
  14.  This Bunny Girl Set is valid only for 10 days in the PUBG mobile in Android or IOS app.

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