transfer chat from whatsapp to telegram

Transfer chat from WhatsApp to Telegram

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The Telegram application and other existing Messengers are one of those programs that satisfy all users at all times by showing their updates and the new services provided in the updates. Since all these features and elements provided to the users facilitate the conversations of the application, we see that the audience and the number of users of this application increase every day.

The latest version of Telegram, one of the newer functions that has been added in one or two functions, can transfer all chats and messages with contacts on WhatsApp to Telegram. Users appreciate this feature, and in the rest of this article, we want to tell you how to perform this transfer in a few very simple steps. I hope this tutorial and related information are helpful to you.

The following tips can help you get the most out of the chat page and listeners, as well as the file types of various formats that have been moved and all the messages from the beginning to the telegram. You must provide them before following the remaining instructions. We will inform you about these preparations below. Although these techniques may seem trivial, if they are not completed, your work will be incomplete or even unfinished.

Access to the whole chat :

This is especially helpful in long conversations. When you have a lot of chats with the audience or the date of the chat is outdated, accessing the initial message can become a bit difficult because the message needs to be reloaded. It’s best to upload it yourself and then try to access your initial chat by dragging the page down. If you don’t, the chat transfer process will slow down and the transfer may not complete on a weaker operating system or older smartphones.

Creating a contact :

The contact whose chat you are going to transfer from WhatsApp to Telegram, it is best to save it in the phone’s contact list and name it. Another thing to make your own transfer process easier is to create a chat page for the target contact on Telegram (if that chat page is not available) so that the destination of the message transfer is completely clear. These two techniques and their implementation can make your job easier without you having to.

Membership :

If your contact doesn’t have a Telegram account, you don’t need to worry, because you can transfer data related to chats and conversations to any page you want, and you should make sure to transfer to the page related to that contact. It will not. You can even save these messages in the “Saved Messages” section of Telegram.

Steps to Transfer Chat from WhatsApp to Telegram

If you have completed all the preparations, you can follow the steps below to start the file transfer process.

Step 1 :

Before you do anything, please update the WhatsApp app to the latest version from Google Play, the App Store, or whatever source you used to download the app.

Note : Most people refuse to make updates and upgrades because WhatsApp does not provide new service or new features in all updated version, always update your WhatsApp app to a newer version to fix security holes so you can use the app more securely and smoothly.

Step 2 :

Open WhatsApp and view your contact list and their chat rooms and the chat you want to move.

Step 3 :

On the chat screen you want, using the bar at the top of the screen, select the three horizontal dots icon on the right.

Transfer from WhatsApp to Telegram
Transfer chat from WhatsApp to Telegram

Step 4 :

Touching the icon will open a new list with different options. Of the available options, the last option or the More option is the option you must select.

Get output from WhatsApp messages
Get output from WhatsApp messages

Step 5:

By selecting more options, a new list will appear for you again. This list will help you do a lot of things about your chats. We will explain them in more detail.

Option to transfer chat from WhatsApp to Telegram
Option to transfer chat from WhatsApp to Telegram

Report: By selecting this option, you can completely delete all the chats of your target audience, also block the person in question and deprive you of the possibility of exchanging messages and conversations between you.

Block: By selecting this option, the contact can no longer send you messages or view your profile. Messages that the person will send you will never reach you.

Clear chat: All messages you have exchanged will be deleted completely and all at once. Using this option can be a good choice to clear your WhatsApp chat memory.

Add shortcut: If you have a contact with whom you chat a lot, and you want your chat page to be more easily accessible, you can use this option to access the chat page icon on the main screen or any page of Your smartphone that you want to appear.

Among all these options and facilities that they provide for you, to transfer your chats in this list, you will need the Export chat option and you must select it.

Step 6 :

Touching this option will bring up a box in the middle of the page that contains two different options. Choosing between these two options will depend entirely on your desires and tastes. Below you can see what conditions the selection of each of these items can create for you.

Option to transfer chat from WhatsApp to Telegram
Option to transfer chat from WhatsApp to Telegram


Selecting this option will only transfer text messages that you have exchanged with your contact in a two-way manner.

INCLUDE MEDIA: By selecting this option, in addition to two-way text messages, all audio, video, video and text files that you have exchanged with each other will also be transferred.

You can easily choose either of these two options. Of course, transferring files can be a bit more time-consuming.

Step 7 :

By selecting the mode you want, a page similar to the one below will be displayed for you, which will show you different transfer methods and different tools. Choose the Telegram application from the other available options.

WhatsApp message sharing window to other messengers
WhatsApp message sharing window to other messengers

Step 8 :

You will be taken to your Telegram page. Now you can specify the transfer destination by selecting your desired contact page from the existing list or searching for the desired page by touching the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page. By selecting the destination and spending a little time, the transfer will be done.

Enter chats in the desired telegram
Enter chats in the desired telegram

Note : To be able to specify the page you want in Telegram, you must connect to Telegram. To do this, establish your internet connection with the other file.

In the end

Using this feature can allow you to manage and maintain your conversations and chats with all the data you exchange in the middle with much better accuracy and conditions. This feature and item will available in all new versions of Telegram and smartphones that can use and run this version, and you can do it with the help of the same solutions mentioned.

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